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EPC Electric Engineer

Greater Buenos Aires, Argentina
Only English Required
Job Ref:
Goldwind South America
Job Description

Provide technical support and projects management support for EPC biddings and implementation process;

Accomplish project bidding and implementation process according to GWI requirements.



  1. In charge of appraising the electrical drawings, inspecting project sites, conducting electric engineering, urging the designing institutions to revise and complete the drawings according to requirements.
  2. Assist the invitation of tender; Participate in answering the questions concerning tender-invitation; Draft the relevant clauses of electrical engineering; Examine where electrical engineering quotation conforms to the relevant rules and regulations; Examine whether charges are reasonable.
  3. In charge of managing the quality, schedule and cost-control process of electrical engineering during the construction progress; Solve the professional technical problems; Formulate electrical engineering installation and provide guidance for the installation process.& &
  4. Have comprehensive knowledge of technical materials of electrical engineering in constructions; Examine and approve the organizational measures and technical measures of construction and technical reports in all phrases.
  5. Assist the projects managers to approve the construction plans and construction schedule; Bring up key points and difficulties in electrical engineering construction and pay attention to them; Conduct the control of project nodes.
  6. Provide quality precaution measures according to quality standards of electrical engineering, technological requirements, construction drawings; Supervise the implementation process.
  7. Participate in examining and approving the construction designs drafted by construction institutions, recording and organizing professional suggestions and offer modification schemes.

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