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Performance Engineer

Greater Buenos Aires, Argentina
Only English Required
Job Ref:
Onapsis Inc.
Job Description
We are looking for an experienced, passionate and creative Performance Engineer to join our Development Team. You’ll work closely with co-workers from various parts of the company creating innovative security software solutions used by some of the largest organizations of the world, offering input and suggestions from an engineering perspective. You have a solid understanding of computer science, software architecture, software-design patterns and testing that you’ll apply to the development of projects. As a Senior Python developer, you’ll lead/mentor junior and mid-level engineers. As a lean team supporting the development of the main product line of a fast-moving company with an open and collaborative environment, we rely on our engineers to be flexible, creative and ready to problem solve across multiple domains.

Key activities and responsibilities:

Evaluate the complexity of the assigned requirements, estimating its performance characteristics, choosing the best solution

Evaluate and propose new technologies related to the core business of the company

Profile and optimize existing codebases.

Propose new development procedures

Work collaboratively within a team of designers and engineers to iterate towards product definition. Be ready to speak your mind, but also commit to team direction

Follow quality engineering processes to deliver high quality products and services

Work closely with security and IT professionals to ensure safe and secure systems architectures

Required skills and aptitudes:

Practical experience on performance enhancement and optimization techniques

Knowledge of standard libraries and well known third party libraries for Python

Knowledge of Python best practices

Knowledge of design-patterns

Experience in database administration and SQL optimization.

Intermediate English skills (written)

Desired skills and aptitudes:

Experience developing under Linux environments

Knowledge of TDD (Test Driven Development)

Experience working with asynchronous patterns and messaging libraries (rabbitmq, zeromq)

Experience working with Python Web frameworks (Pyramid/Pylons, Django, etc.)

Experience with SQLAlchemy ORM

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