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Software Engineer

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As a Software Engineer, in Smartmatic you will have the opportunity to solve complex and interesting problems. Our engineers work on a wide variety of projects that involve the use of the following technologies: Linux, Windows,.C#, JAVA& and C/C++& in the development of hardware, firmware, software, and particularized operating systems (based on Windows or Linux based) or database.

& Responsibilities:

- Write codes for large scale web applications (JAVA).

- Write codes for desktop client applications or embedded devices(C # on Windows, C / C + + on Linux and JAVA in case that both environments are required).

- Write code for device applications based on microcontrollers (firmware using C/ C + +).

- Design of electronic devices.

- Develop internal systems for the use of partners in their development, quality assurance or deployment processes.

As a Software Engineer, we are looking for:

- Bachelor''s degree in Computer Science, Electronics or related field.

- Senior level experience (5-7+ years) Mandatory

- Advanced English skills.

- Programming experience C++ or Java.

- A solid foundation in computer science, with strong competencies in data structures, algorithms, and software design.

- Coding skills in Python or JavaScript/AJAX, database design and SQL, and/or knowledge of TCP/IP and network programming.

- Good knowledge of Web standards and protocols including JavaScript, HTML, CSS, HTTP.

- Orientation to object programming best practices and design patterns.

- Enjoy working as part of a team and independently.

- Proven ability to develop execution plans and deliver results.

- Ability to flexibly move between projects and teams, providing high-quality work with a positive attitude.

- Self-motivated and drive for excellence.

- Willing to travel as project requirements dictate.

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