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Software Engineer

Greater Buenos Aires, Argentina
Only English Required
Job Ref:
Chili Piper
Job Description

  • Believe that some developers are 10 times faster at coming up with solutions than the others, and you’re one of those

  • Have experience with React, Go, Scala and all the cool tech tools, or are ready to learn them

  • Can code simple stuff but have more fun with complex, problems like those found in enterprise software

  • Love working from anywhere ( from the top of mountain Fuji to the Hawaiian shore)

  • Are much happier surrounded by heavy brain power

  • Constantly strive to get better


  • Provide you with everything you need to get to the best version of yourself with the freedom to work from wherever you want

To apply:

  • Be prepared to showcase your work & pass some fun coding challenges&

Who are we?

A young startup in New York with team members across Europe and US. We have cool companies at clients and we have big plans to grow the company in 5 years. This means that stock options will also play a huge role in your development journey

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